International Consultant in Security

Career Summary

Manuel Sanchez is a self-made highly experienced international consultant specialized in high risk management, development of security services and integration of public and private security. As editor and publisher of several security specialized media, and as regular speaker, he is a renowned opinion leader in Spain and Latin America.

As a security risk management consultancy specialist, Sanchez is CEO & President of GET (www.getseguridad.com) since 1979, and has worked either for governments or private corporations in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other countries in Latin America. Manuel Sanchez has develop his professional experience providing advisory services for governments, law enforcement, armies, aeronautical, retail industry, food processing, banks, hospitals and the healthcare industry.


Project management of high risks national/international security through implementation of detection and prevention systems increasing protection levels

Design projects for increasing integration between security systems and security services in end users, through risk management models.

Design projects for increasing integration and cooperation between public safety with private security companies

Development and implementation of compliance audit programs for security systems and departments

Selection of personnel and Human Resources advisory specialized for detection and prevention systems sales and management

Researching Security industry market trends for business intelligence strategies development

Development of Technical Analysis for quality certification of security new systems and technologies

Implementation of models for security systems selection

Creating innovative communication channels specially designed for maximize sales results in all areas of the Security-Safety Industry

Developing professionalisation of security managers and operative personnel

Developing training programs to update knowledge and to recycle information of security professionals

Developing models for comparative current situation of the security in different regions of the World and to evaluate the new trends

Creating business models for security systems exporting from leading markets to emerging countries

Creating training programs to increase the levels of safety of security and non-security personnel

Promoting events to strengthen relationships and exchange ideas between the key professionals of the security industry

Increasing results in security businesses commertial operations

Improving key managers capability of security businesses through high level strategy training programs

Representation of the Security Industry before national and international public security agencies and governments for the best regulation of the security industry and negotiation for the improvement of security personnel legal conditions

Help security companies obtaining ISO 9002 accreditation

Promotion of professional associations for the industry and personnel benefit personal relationships with key personnel

Lead the opinion by writing and launching articles in specialized media and national and international security magazines

Write different security guides and books for security personnel


Professional Qualifications:

High Security programs director and associate Univ. professor in Spain at UNIVERSIDAD PONTIFICIA DE COMILLAS (Madrid, Sevilla, La Coruña -SPAIN) and Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, since 1986.

Security programs director and associate Univ. professor at UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID (SPAIN), since 2002.

Associate Univ. professor of master in airports systems at UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE MADRID, 1995-2003

Specific Achievements:

Founder and president of GRUPO ESTUDIOS TECNICOS, a group of companies dedicated to security and safety engineering, consultancy and specialized training for security professionals, since 1979.

Founder, editor and director of magazine CUADERNOS DE SEGURIDAD, since 1988, and CUADERNOS DE SEGURIDAD MEXICO, since 2005.

Security training director and associate professor of INSTITUTO DE ESTUDIOS DE LA FUNDACIÓN-UNIVERSIDAD SERGIO ARBOLEDA-SAN PABLO (Colombia), 1999-2003.

Security training director and associate professor of CECAN (Cuba), 1999-2001.

Develop international consultancy for specialized protection systems and security services in Spain and Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Cuba.

Advisory for various governments in issues of Operative Integration of Public and Private Security in Chile, Mexico, Panama and Cuba.

Advisory for the IADB – INTERAMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK in issues of Citizen Security and Violence Observatory for the Ministry of Interior of Panama.

Develop International consultancy projects for security at airports, ports, hotels, banks, hospitals, penitentiaries, museums, public transport and postmail companies, since 1981.

Write specialized articles and manuals for security management, self-protection plans and security programs, since 1979.

Founder, Editor and director of specialized security Media: web portal SISONLINE.COM (www.sisonline.com) and Newsletter INFOSEGURIDAD.COM (www.infoseguridad.com)

Author of several specialized security books and guides: BIBLIOTECA DE SEGURIDAD (www.bibliotecadeseguridad.com):
– The Security Manager’s Guide
– The Guide for Security in Banks
– The Guide for Security in Shopping Centres
– The Guide for Integrated Management of Security and Services
– The Guide for Services Management in Alarms Monitoring Stations
– Corporate Security, new challenges, new demands
– The Guide for Security in Hospitals (next release)
– The Guide for Security in Museums and Art Centres (next release)

Founding member and Secretary General of the Observatory for Integral Security in Hospitals (www.observatoriodeseguridadenhospitales.com).

Professional Associations & Institutional Representation:

Current President of ACS – Spanish Security Training Companies Association, since 1998.

Current Member of Directors Board of the Spanish Security Companies Association (AES), since 1997.

Current Permanent member of the CENTRAL COMISSION FOR PRIVATE SECURITY LEGISLATION OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERIOR (Home Office) of Spain, since 1999.

Current Invited member, Executive Board of PAN-AMERICAN FEDERATION OF PRIVATE SECURITY (FEPASEP), since 2003.

Director of occupational safety specialists training at UNIVERSIDAD PONTIFICIA DE COMILLAS (Madrid)



Current Director of SECRETARIA IBEROAMERICANA DE SEGURIDAD (SISEG), Spain since founding in 2005.

Member of the Scientific Comittee of International Congress for Prevention of Violence in Football, since 2005.

Founding Senior Partner of TEMI GROUP International Consultants in Protection based on knowledge and experience (www.temigroup.com).

Founding member and Representative for Europe of WSF World Security Federation and the WSC World Security Congress.

Founding member of OSICH – Observatory for Integral Security in Hospitals (www.observatoriodeseguridadenhospitales.com)

Honorary Representative of Federación de Empresas de Seguridad del Mercosur (FESESUR)

Founding member and Secretary General of Spain Locksmiths Federation (UCES)

Founding member of APIC – Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (www.infraestructurascriticas.com)

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